Cannabis Friendly Psychotherapist

Here at Comfy Couch Wellness & Therapy Services cannabis is viewed as medicine. Cannabis can benefit some clients with various physical and mental health conditions. Finally, you can be free from stigmatizing professionals that hold on to ideas left over from the "just say no" era and speak freely about your responsible cannabis use.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a qualifying condition for the medical marijuana card in Illinois. It can assist some clients suffering from the condition manage their night terrors and help to induce sleep. Additionally, it may assist in the reduction of re-experiencing symptoms, avoidance symptoms, and hyperarousal.


Many autoimmune conditions are also qualifying conditions for the medical marijuana card in Illinois. Medical cannabis can assist some clients in reducing inflammation, assist with difficulties falling and staying asleep, and pain management.

Here at Comfy Couch Wellness & Therapy Services we understand that cannabis can greatly improve quality of life for individuals suffering from these chronic conditions and are happy to assist you by providing psychoeducation on medical cannabis and local resources and businesses that can further assist you weigh the risks versus benefits for you individually.

We believe that our clients deserve every treatment option legally available to them in the state of Illinois. Please note: Our office is non-smoking facility and we only encourage legal, responsible, medical use of cannabis.