Why Private Pay?


By avoiding using insurance your mental health information is not submitted to your insurance company or their employees. Certainly, the less people with access to your mental health records, the safer they will be.

Additionally, some people seeking therapy may not meet, or continue to meet, the clinical criteria the insurance company requires to provide countinued coverage for services. Shouldn't the provider and the client determine the duration and frequency of therapy, rather than the insurance company?  


To bill therapy services to insurance, a diagnosis from the DSM 5 is required for coverage. Labels stigmatize people and can encourage stereotyping.  Mental health diagnoses can also be considered pre-existing health conditions. Should you change jobs or insurance in the future, your rates may be impacted by a diagnosis.


Clients often express that they have no mental health coverage, have poor coverage (including but not limited to high deductibles), have spent months on wait lists, or the services they are seeking are not covered. Too many Americans struggle to find affordable prompt access to mental health services. Comfy Couch Wellness & Therapy Services hopes to offer mental health consumers an alternative to the status quo.